We make an effort to understand your needs and expectations to offer personalized solutions with a professional team, who is qualified at the level of the insurance industry.

What do we do?

We have direct alliances with different insurance companies, which allow us to satisfy the need to maintain insurance coverage, for you and your family or things you value in your life. Our professional team is expert in: building business relationships with each of clients according to their needs, we are trained to constantly carry out verifications and validations of each policy, guaranteeing that the coverage meets the standards suitable to your need.


Client Care Insurance is a family business that opens its doors since 2007 as independent agency, in the state of Florida. Our growth has been characterized, with a wide variety of services in the insurance industry to provide and protect our community. We are committed and positioned to continue being your trusted insurance agency, providing premium services that covers all your insurance needs in one place.


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Our Mission

As a professional insurance agency, our mission is provide comprehensive advice and personalized, based on the needs and risks of each client, guaranteeing a fair price through quality insurance companies. We have accompaniment in all processes through a highly qualified human team competitive, which is guided by the principles of respect and honesty. Efficiency and the lowest possible cost are the objectives that make a positive difference in the lives of the people we serve because our clients deserve an agency open, responsible and innovative.

Our Vision

For the year 2028, Client Care Insurance will continue to maintain its position within of the 3 best agencies in the insurance industry in Florida, characterized by the advisory capacity in the lines of commercial and health-life insurance, based on: personalization, transparency and comprehensiveness with our clients, providing an efficient and effective quality services that match yours.

our principles and values

Commitment to excellence

We constantly seek to improve and exceed standards to offer high quality services to our clients. guaranteeing satisfaction at every step of the process.

Integrity and ethics

They are our fundamentals for building the trust and reputation of client care insurance, maintaining our honesty when acting in our commercial relationships to provide peace of mind to all our clients.

Customer Focus

The customer is our top priority. We strive to understand the needs and expectations of each customer  and offer customized solutions that meet their specific requirements. Giving them a great service.

Continuous Innovation

In an ever-changing world, we are committed to stay updated with the insurance industry. We promote the constant search for new solutions or features to stay in the changing way  of our customer's  needs .

Social responsibility

We adopt an effective social responsibility contributing to the financial and insurance education of  our customers, so that they could be informed to make decisions and protect their long-term financial interests. 

Teamwork and collaboration

 We value and encourage a collaborative work environment, in which each team member feels valued, respected and motivated. We promote open communication, teamwork and collaboration to achieve exceptional results

Professional and personal growth

We love to promote the professional and personal growth of our employees. Also We provide training and development opportunities, as well as a great work environment promoting a work-life balance to bring a life quality to our employees.

Confidentiality and privacy

We respect the information received by our customers, we treat it with full responsibility and a high level of confidentiality to provide  professionalism, we perform it  with all data protection regulations to date.

These principles and values guide us to make good decisions at Client Care Insurance, and help us to provide a great service to our clients while striving for excellence in the insurance industry.

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Our Ceo


I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Business. Daughter, wife and business woman, who together with my husband like to travel, get to know restaurants and share with family and friends, just like our customers: always taking care and protecting what I love most. I have been in the insurance industry for over 10 years and that experience has led me to occupy a place on the board of directors of the Florida Association of Independent Insurance Agents Central. In our company we believe that knowledge is key to providing you with the confidence and security you seek. My professional team constantly strives to continue strengthening their knowledge and acquiring new skills that lead us to the top in the industry. At CLIENT CARE INSURANCE, our main goal is support to raise awareness about risk exposures, educating our clients in the understanding of the policies we offer. My mission is create a personal connection with our clients offering confidence so that we can get you the help you need with the right coverage for all your needs.


I am the current president of Client Care Insurance CCI. I’m also a commercial pilot but with the soul of an entrepreneur, work that I have developed for over 29 years.

Our company was born from the desire that as a husband and father have prompted me to seek the better security options. Being aware that continuous growth is obtained thanks to the support and credibility that the Hispanic community which is part of our customer’s list, becoming No. 1 within their hearts and their families.

My main objective has been, is and will be: provide the best option in insurance coverage to let You have the peace of mind you deserve and the confidence of being in good hands.

More than a company we are a family, come and meet each of our members