What is ObamaCare

ObamaCare is the unofficial name for The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, a health reform law signed on March 23, 2010 by President Barack Obama. ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act) is a US healthcare reform law that expands and improves access to care and curbs spending through regulations and taxes.

The Affordable Care Act’s main focus is on providing more Americans with access to affordable health insurance, improving the quality of health care and health insurance, regulating the health insurance industry, and reducing health care spending in the US.

How does ObamaCare work?
Enroll in a health plan during open enrollment to avoid the fee and get lower costs and new benefits..

Important facts about ObamaCare

  • ObamaCare doesn’t create health insurance – it regulates the health insurance industry and helps to increase the quality, affordability, and availability of private insurance.
  • Most people who currently have health insurance can keep it.
  • You can obtain Private Health Insurance during each year’s annual open enrollment period in the Health Insurance Marketplace.
  • If you don’t obtain coverage and maintain coverage throughout each year or get an exemption, you must pay a per-month fee on your federal income tax return for every month you are without health insurance.
  • Due to a coverage gap exemption that applies to all Americans, you can go without insurance for up to 3 months in a row without coverage.
  • Beyond the coverage gap exemption, there are around 20 other exemptions that you can qualify for.
  • Insurance purchased by the 15th of each month will start on the first of the next month.
  • The cost of your marketplace health insurance works on a sliding scale. Those who make less, pay less.

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