If you are an owner of a truck or have a transportation business, you need to have this policy for all your vehicles. This coverage has benefits similar to the commercial vehicles.

Cargo Resposability

This policy covers cargo transportation to your truck or vehicle of transport of merchandise. This is in case of lost packages, stolen items, or broken pieces. We count with top insurance companies whom permits us to offer price comparisons with big opportunities to save!

Commercial Auto

This policy is obligatory to people who utilize their vehicle for work purposes daily. Within the coverage is included, protection of general liability which covers damages to third parties or to the property of others if you are to blame for an accident; driver protection that will help pay medical expenses if you or a passenger get injured while using the vehicle and finally insuring your vehicle is protected against damages in result of collisions or any type of accident.

Who needs this coverage?

  • Masseurs
  • Constructors
  • Real Estate agents
  • Salesmen
  • Maintenance Staff

For more information about Final Expense Insurance.

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